“I have made it a goal of mine to really dig into God’s Word more. I usually just pick a random chapter to read but when I am in need of guidance or have anxiety about something, I go to the verses that help.

God’s word can impact you in such crazy ways. You may read a verse or a chapter and realize that it’s exactly what you have been needing recently! You can read a verse different sometimes and each time it can open your eyes to something in your life or a in a certain situation!


You may think that reading the Bible won’t help or you think that your situation couldn;t have happened in Bible times, so how could there be a verse or story to help? God’s Word has so much wisdom, guidance, healing and so much more!

I have been doing my best to make a point to study the Word, daily. When you know His Word, telling others about God’s love is so much easier! I don’t know the Bible front to back, but what I have is His light and His love which is what the Gospel is all about! I hope that you can begin to dig into God’s Word because it is so amazing!”