Over the summer my family and I packed up and moved our lives from Tampa, FL to Nashville, TN. Although my new home has been a beautiful adventure, full of wonderful & exciting memories, it’s been hard leaving my old life and my Florida friends, a ten hour drive away. Since God called my family and I to Tennessee, He has equipped me with the lessons I need to know to get through those periods where all I want is see my best friends.
• I have learned that it’s okay to miss Florida and the people there, as long as I remember that Gods plan is better than anything I can think of or imagine. God doesn’t call the perfect, He qualifies the imperfect, and by this I mean that it’s okay to fall down from time to time, because when God picks you up and dusts you off & you will be so much stronger than before.
• I have also learned that pain is relative and that Jesus is reality. Sometimes I go through moments in life where all I want to do is focus on the pain and hurt I’m experiencing, but that’s not what God wants me, or us to do. Pain is relative, meaning it’s temporary, why should anyone waste time worrying about something negative, that doesn’t last forever? Jesus is reality and He is bigger than anything you have, or anything you will ever have to go through. Channel the energy you have focused on your pain onto Jesus, and miracles will happen in your life.