Be strong.
Life has its ups and downs. Experiencing some of life’s’ biggest challenges were beyond hard to go through. It was unbearable. I thought I was alone, and asked God, “Why is this happening to me? Why am I longing over someone that has clearly moved on? I thought he was the one?” Little did I know God was there every step of the way. He showed me how to LOVE myself. Jesus has a way to show us His unconditional love.


Giving up was not an option for me, no matter how emotional things were. I began to put all my trust in Him and fell more and more in LOVE with Jesus than I had before. I fully trusted that God has a plan for my future and that I shouldn’t worry, for He already has my future husband waiting for that special day. He does for all of you as well! It’s not easy to stay strong, but a very important thing to stay strong in your situation is put ALL OF your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, He will always be there listening to us, He is our STRENGTH.

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭


For a long time I would try to find my worth in everything other than through God. I felt like I had to change and have someone tell me I was beautiful to actually feel….beautiful. It wasn’t until I met some beautiful girls in my small group that helped me realize what it is to love yourself. Ever since then I have been digging into the Word of God and slowly learning to love myself the way He made me.


I’ve been 2 years clean from any self harm and I’ve never felt stronger! We are all beautiful and perfect in God’s eyes, we all have a different purpose, but we all are meant to be something AMAZING. Life may get pretty rough but when you have the right friends and an amazing God, nothing is impossible! I am so thankful for the friends & leaders that God has provided me with!


Over the summer my family and I packed up and moved our lives from Tampa, FL to Nashville, TN. Although my new home has been a beautiful adventure, full of wonderful & exciting memories, it’s been hard leaving my old life and my Florida friends, a ten hour drive away. Since God called my family and I to Tennessee, He has equipped me with the lessons I need to know to get through those periods where all I want is see my best friends.
• I have learned that it’s okay to miss Florida and the people there, as long as I remember that Gods plan is better than anything I can think of or imagine. God doesn’t call the perfect, He qualifies the imperfect, and by this I mean that it’s okay to fall down from time to time, because when God picks you up and dusts you off & you will be so much stronger than before.
• I have also learned that pain is relative and that Jesus is reality. Sometimes I go through moments in life where all I want to do is focus on the pain and hurt I’m experiencing, but that’s not what God wants me, or us to do. Pain is relative, meaning it’s temporary, why should anyone waste time worrying about something negative, that doesn’t last forever? Jesus is reality and He is bigger than anything you have, or anything you will ever have to go through. Channel the energy you have focused on your pain onto Jesus, and miracles will happen in your life.



Worrying stinks! I tend to go with the flow, be laid back, and then BAM!! I start to stress out and worry about pretty much everything.
A lot of it is about my appearance and how I look, but also my attitude. I worry that I accidentally said something with a bad attitude or made the wrong decision. It just bugs me that I work hard to be a strong, Godly young woman and then all of a sudden I feel like I let God down with my actions.
Worry is overwhelming. When I worry I look at how I handled my actions, did I talk back, did I say something in a rude tone but not mean it? Then I ask myself if I prayed for peace and patience. If not, I worry about my relationship with God.
“Crap I did it agian!!! Schuyler, stop!!” Why do I still go back to worrying? I don’t know. But then I see that my mind and heart are human and not God’s heart and mind. He is perfect, I’m not.
So what did he give me to remind myself of his perfection? THE BIBLE!!!!! Yep, I go there to ease my mind from my worry because it’s too darn perfect.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6 Simple.
“Hey God, I’m stressing out down here. I love you lots, please help me cause I’m a wimp and you’re not. Your strength, patience and peace is all I need right now.”
I meditate in those simple verses and prayers and I feel great afterwards!


“I had a tough time finding myself with God and believing his plans for me and it was very hard especially in middle school and now high school trying to find myself and who God wants me to be…I used to doubt myself and doubt my abilities that God gave me and just never thought I was better then what I made myself seem.
I was so upset and never happy; but God showed me Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without a fear of the future.” This verse really helped me realize that I am perfect the way God created me and  after that I completely gave myself to Christ on my own. I got baptized and met some amazing girls who are now my best friends and I have no clue where I’d be without them! img_9940
God’s plan for my life is so amazing. God showed me that I am perfect in my own my and the way he created me to be me, and he created you to be you. God has such a great plan for everyone!”


“Everyone has insecurities, some more obvious than others. But what really saddens me is when I see a girl, or anyone, so genuinely un-pleased with themselves, because I know exactly how that feels. It is awful. What I have found is that truly trusting in and living for God provides such an immense sense of joy, peace, and confidence.

My heart goes out to all those suffering with self-worth. Those who look in the mirror and wish they could change something about themselves or those who feel a pang of jealousy at other people’s lives and accomplishments. There is such a stigma placed by our society on aesthetics, negatively affecting things associated with {acne}, weight, money, recognition, etc. The influence of social media can be devastating. But how did we get to such unreachable standards? What is so important to understand is that we are living on earth solely to please God, not to seek approval from those around us.img_9935Colossians 3:2-3 says “Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God.” Read that again and find comfort in its simplicity. I want people to know that happiness is not unreachable, but perfection is. In our world today, we can get so caught up in such materialistic things that we completely forget the entire reason we are alive. Live for God and see how much happier you are with yourself and others.

You are beautiful and you are loved.” | We absolutely love what Emily says here, it is so true! Why should we have to conform to the patterns of this world, we can be our beautiful selves instead?”


“I had a very tough year last year. Stress was through the roof and I wasn’t ever happy! I felt like everyone needed a piece of me and soon, I had given out so many pieces, I wasn’t able to put myself back together.img_9945

Then, I met some amazing girls (now my best friends) who pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do even better! My happiness came back and I was back to my old self! They really helped put me back together, encouraged me, and showed me God’s love in such an amazing way!”


“How are you preparing your heart? Before you are ready for the right relationship your heart needs to be in the right place and you need to have a good relationship with God. I know it’s a lot easier to just rush into a relationship, but God is preparing you and preparing your future husband! I say “future husband” because you should be dating with the intention of marriage. I promise the wait will be worth it!

As I was waiting, all of my friends around me had boyfriends and rushed into things, but I decided to work on my heart and focus on my time with God, and He defiantly rewarded me for that! I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over two years, it’s been such a cool adventure and an awesome journey! 


During the time of waiting, just focus on yourself and focus on your relationship with God, and when you do start dating, make sure to put God at the center of your relationship and still continue to keep God as the “number one” in your life. You also should be growing together spiritually, that may look like doing a Bible study together, serving in ministry together, or starting a small group!

Just make sure you are focusing on your walk with God and working on your heart! These are just some things that I have learned and hope you will take into consideration as you begin or continue to date!”


“I have made it a goal of mine to really dig into God’s Word more. I usually just pick a random chapter to read but when I am in need of guidance or have anxiety about something, I go to the verses that help.

God’s word can impact you in such crazy ways. You may read a verse or a chapter and realize that it’s exactly what you have been needing recently! You can read a verse different sometimes and each time it can open your eyes to something in your life or a in a certain situation!


You may think that reading the Bible won’t help or you think that your situation couldn;t have happened in Bible times, so how could there be a verse or story to help? God’s Word has so much wisdom, guidance, healing and so much more!

I have been doing my best to make a point to study the Word, daily. When you know His Word, telling others about God’s love is so much easier! I don’t know the Bible front to back, but what I have is His light and His love which is what the Gospel is all about! I hope that you can begin to dig into God’s Word because it is so amazing!”