Be strong. Life has its ups and downs. Experiencing some of life's' biggest challenges were beyond hard to go through. It was unbearable. I thought I was alone, and asked God, "Why is this happening to me? Why am I longing over someone that has clearly moved on? I thought he was the one?" Little … Continue reading Maddie


For a long time I would try to find my worth in everything other than through God. I felt like I had to change and have someone tell me I was beautiful to actually feel....beautiful. It wasn't until I met some beautiful girls in my small group that helped me realize what it is to … Continue reading Lorrayne


Over the summer my family and I packed up and moved our lives from Tampa, FL to Nashville, TN. Although my new home has been a beautiful adventure, full of wonderful & exciting memories, it's been hard leaving my old life and my Florida friends, a ten hour drive away. Since God called my family … Continue reading Abby


Worry. Worrying stinks! I tend to go with the flow, be laid back, and then BAM!! I start to stress out and worry about pretty much everything. A lot of it is about my appearance and how I look, but also my attitude. I worry that I accidentally said something with a bad attitude or … Continue reading Schuyler


"I had a tough time finding myself with God and believing his plans for me and it was very hard especially in middle school and now high school trying to find myself and who God wants me to be...I used to doubt myself and doubt my abilities that God gave me and just never thought … Continue reading Raquel


"Everyone has insecurities, some more obvious than others. But what really saddens me is when I see a girl, or anyone, so genuinely un-pleased with themselves, because I know exactly how that feels. It is awful. What I have found is that truly trusting in and living for God provides such an immense sense of … Continue reading Emily


"I had a very tough year last year. Stress was through the roof and I wasn't ever happy! I felt like everyone needed a piece of me and soon, I had given out so many pieces, I wasn't able to put myself back together. Then, I met some amazing girls (now my best friends) who … Continue reading Brianna


"How are you preparing your heart? Before you are ready for the right relationship your heart needs to be in the right place and you need to have a good relationship with God. I know it's a lot easier to just rush into a relationship, but God is preparing you and preparing your future husband! … Continue reading Emme


"I have made it a goal of mine to really dig into God's Word more. I usually just pick a random chapter to read but when I am in need of guidance or have anxiety about something, I go to the verses that help. God's word can impact you in such crazy ways. You may … Continue reading Nadia