Over the course of the past twelve weeks, I had the most amazing privilege to co-lead a small group with one of my dear friends, Grace. It was a total God thing!

Grace and I have known of each other for a few years, but really just got to know each other, this past fall. One night before church service, it had come up in conversation that we both had the desire to start a Bible-study small group! We absolutely love our youth group and the group time that comes with it each week, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into God’s Word!

For about two years, I had been wanting to start a small group, but have always hesitated. I felt that I was unqualified, didn’t have enough Bible knowledge to lead a study, and I even had the fear that no one would show up.

Once Grace and I had talked it over, and prayed about it, we developed a plan of what we passages we would study, when we would have our group and all the minor details. On January 8th, we jumped into what God had called us to do.

We decided to study the book of Proverbs {basic, I know}, and all about the wisdom that God has to offer, and how wisdom is not just an accumulation of knowledge, but a way we walk through of life, in obedience to the Lord.

“the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge & wisdom.” Proverbs 1:7

The study itself was amazing, we got to go through and really dig into what God’s Word says about wisdom, but what was even more memorable was the community that it formed. While we studied so many amazing topics, we also got to know each other on a more intimate level. When you are in a small group setting with 6 other girls, you really get to open up and hear the God stories that you wouldn’t otherwise hear in a Sunday morning, surface level conversation.

I absolutely love how God brought together and strengthened so many sweet friendships through this group, here is a quick testimony from Kayla, one of the amazing girls in our group:

There was a lot of hesitation for me about joining a small group. Although I’ve had some good ones before, I never really felt completely comfortable in the average small group; if I felt comfortable, then there were too many people, but if it was smaller, I was often quiet for fear of being singled out. It took a leap of faith to take a chance and start attending this Proverbs study in order to really allow myself to come out of this shell I had caged myself in.

More than the actual study itself, the community was so strong in the core group of the five or six girls that attended every week. We could speak freely, and I saw a different side of these girls who I had just known on a surface level for so long. We learned that our struggles were not only our own, that we were all going through the same thing unbeknownst to each other. We laughed and we cried. We sang and we dug deep into God’s word. Every girl brought a different perspective to the table, yet we were all in sync in spirit and thought. I began to look forward to those Monday nights, where one and a half hours was never enough for the discussions we had.

I so enjoyed forming this little community between us. It made me closer to the other girls, I also saw their hurts clearer so I could understand them as people better. Small group is SO crucial to personal growth and I can really see how a few short weeks in this small group affected my mindset on a few different things. It’s often daunting to become a part of a small group but the cool thing is that you can always try out new ones until you find your “tribe.” These girls definitely became my tribe and I am so grateful for the way it has taught me that we need to only reach out and others will be right there to walk alongside us.

it is so amazing to be able to find your “tribe”, as Kayla called it. I hope that you too can find a core group of girls who can be in your corner, to learn and grow in Christ with you.

side note: this photo of kayla & me, is from 2015, at a girls event! it’s so cool how God works sweet friendships back into your life!



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