Fill Up // Pour Out

Imagine a water pitcher, now take a minute to think of its purpose. A pitcher’s purpose is to be filled up and to pour out. If you look at Christianity isn’t that our purpose? To be filled up by the Lord and to pour out? 

I’m going to be completely honest, nowadays there are so many “Cultural Christians”.

I feel like some of us just throw around the word “Christian” and use it as a label, but we don’t really know what it means to live that out. A “Cultural Christian” is one that focuses on religion instead of a relationship with our heavenly father. These are people who just continue to go through the motions of what they think Christianity looks like. When in reality, being a Christian is a lifestyle of obedience. So take a minute and ask God, “am I going through the motions of a “Cultural Christian” or do I have a personal relationship with you?”

Let me encourage you in this: if you aren’t pouring out, how is God supposed to continue to fill you up? He can’t. We must pour out in order to get filled up again. You also must be filled up by the Lord in order to pour out.

Living a Christian lifestyle isn’t a lifestyle where you get to be selfish. There is so much more on the line. People are dying every single day and going to hell because they don’t have a relationship with Jesus and they have never experienced His reckless love.

When you walk into church (and if you aren’t going to church, get there. You need to get connected to a local church because there is so much power in that), instead of having the mindset of “how am I going to get fed today?”, walk in and ask God to show you who you can pour into.

Let me tell you when you become a pitcher, and you are letting the Lord fill you up and you are pouring out to others, your walk with God will grow in ways you have never seen before!

At my church we have been asking these 3 questions because we are about to launch another service and I think everyone needs to be asked these questions: 

  1. who are you inviting to church/who are you praying for?
  2. if you aren’t serving, then why?
  3. how are you helping your local church financially? 

ways to get filled up by the Lord: 

  • get in the word
  • spend some time in worship 
  • get in a small group 

ways to pour out: 

  • find an area where you can serve in your local church
  • pray for someone
  • serve your community 


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