Be Sick, Be Loved

When I am feeling yucky or sick, typically, I go to the doctor to see what’s going on and to get medicine prescribed, if needed. I would assume that you do the same, right? Because when you are sick, you need something that will heal or take away the sickness, and believe it or not, it’s the same way in your everyday life with Jesus.

So let’s figure out what I mean by that…

In Mark 2, Jesus and His disciples were invited to a dinner with tax collectors and other disreputable sinners, {so basically, the worst people to be hanging around}. Jesus accepted the invitation and went to the dinner. Later, he was questioned by several religious leaders about why he would have dinner {in Bible times, having a meal with someone meant that they were your homies} with such awful people. And Jesus simply replied with this:

“Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.” {Mark 2:17}

Let’s unpack that verse.. Jesus is saying that He never needed to heal the healthy people! If we are spiritually healthy all the time, then we wouldn’t need any help from Jesus, right? We can’t be righteous in His eyes until we realize that we too, are flawed and that we have fallen short of His glory, but here’s the good news… THAT’S WHY JESUS CAME! To heal us of our sickness and to love us even when we don’t deserve it!!

Jesus came to heal the sick.

Jesus came to love the unloved.

“God doesn’t expect us to be extraordinary, exceptionally gifted people. Just laid-down lovers of Jesus who will carry His glory with transparency and not take it for themselves.” {Heidi Baker}

So today, I challenge you, just make it about His Glory. Don’t strive for perfection, just be you, and be you for Him.

Be sick, so that you can be loved.


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