Everyone seems to get into a routine, it takes a while sometimes but eventually, you just go with the flow because that’s just how life is. Each morning we wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed and ready, then we immediately jump into our day, whether it’s work or school, we all have our routines. Every week we are in the same pattern, just living life with nothing exciting going on, the same ole same. Although routines are helpful for getting things done, they’re also tiring and repetitive.

But is that how God intended our lives to be? Boring and repetitive? Just like that song that repeats the same chorus about 70 times, it can get old real quick. It’s tempting to view every day as a cycle of the same thing every day. We need to put ourselves in the mindset that we are doing this life for Him. We should turn our “have to’s” into “get to’s.”

For about two years I have been volunteering in the production department in the kid’s ministry at my church, I started out doing it because I was filling in for someone that couldn’t be there and then, when they weren’t able to volunteer anymore, the position kind of fell in my lap. I was fine with it, “sure, I’ll do the lights for one service every weekend, no big deal, it even sounds fun!”

Then, it turned into two services, I thought to myself, “alright, I think I can handle this, it’s only two services on Sunday and I can just go to church service on Saturday nights anyways…”

A few months went by and soon enough I found myself as the “service producer,” (basically, I schedule the whole team each week and I run the ‘show’, so to speak.) I was there for rehearsals/sound check and both services. It was getting a bit tough for me because it was taking up so much of my time and I was viewing it as a “have to” and not a “get to” like I should have been.


For months and months I had been seeing those words, “get to” on the doors from the green room to the stage at my church, it wasn’t until I had heard one of the worship leaders share his heart for worship and that we “get to” have these opportunities to serve and worship such an Almighty God, that I actually understood what it meant. In the past few months, God has helped me to totally turn my attitude around because he has shown me that this is an opportunity that I GET TO do.

“Grace can transform the “have-to’s” into “get-to’s” as we live for His glory.”

Gloria Furman



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