Let Go & Let God

Just recently I attended a ladies event that was being held at my church, originally I had planned on not going because I was going to be busy, but a mentor of mine encouraged me to go, so I did. I was anxious about going because I’m not a big people person.
The event had the theme of women’s testimonies, which was amazing. There were four or five women that got up and shared their stories and it was so moving. There were so many relatable aspects from every single testimony. I was so glad that God had brought me there, of course, I thought that was the only reason God had brought me to the event.
After the testimonies, our women’s ministry director spoke about how God brings each of us to certain places to be able to experience Him. She called up the band and then started to tell us something that moved me way more than I ever thought it would. She was talking about how she felt that there were struggles that we needed to let go of and fully give to God. She expounded upon the fact that He is God and we are not.
She asked us all to stand and said she wanted to do some physical worship with us. She explained how she wanted us to all hold our arms our palms up and make fists. Our fists stood for whatever it was that we couldn’t let God have control of fully. As the band started to play, she wanted us to really focus on whatever it was that we weren’t giving God control of. She wanted us to visualize it in our mind, and then only when we were completely ready we were to open our fists up and face our palms toward the sky so that we could physically release whatever we were holding back to God.
This spoke to me in so many ways, I reflected on the things that I felt that I take control of and that I leave God out of. I quickly found what I thought suited this situation and I put my hands into fists. I will say I had trouble letting it go, as the song went on there was never a time where I truly felt comfortable with letting it go. As the band played the song “Good, Good Father”, I felt an overwhelming peace wash over me, I immediately knew that it was God easing me to let it go. So I did.
I remember falling to my knees in tears, it was such a powerful moment, I have never felt so moved in my life. I stayed on my knees for the rest of worship. I repeatedly thanked God for his willingness and His presence. This spiritual encounter was one that I would never forget.
As I think about it now, it’s funny that I had originally planned on not going, because let’s be honest Netflix was calling my name. God did what He had to do to make sure I was there and to make sure that I had a powerful encounter with Him on that day.
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