Struggles = Success {guest post}

Fifteen years ago my parents got divorced so I never grew up with both parents under one roof. Actually, I never grew up with a mom all together, courtesy of a drug addiction. From the age 5 to about 14 my single dad raised my younger brother, sister and myself. Yes, there were great days, but the bad ones were always waiting to try and defeat me. Taking care of two younger siblings was quite the match for a child. I knew the name of God but that’s all I knew as a child. Just His name, but He knew my name and my purpose even when I had no idea who He was.

Shortly after turning 14 I moved in with my grandparents. They didn’t care what I had to say, Sunday mornings were spent arguing all the way to Church. About a year later, after attending the high school ministry and going back and forth between being a Christian on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and caught between wanting to fit in, an old friend of mine told me I had to go to camp that summer. After weeks of fighting it, I signed up. Oh, this is where the story gets good… I got saved. The second night of camp The Lord revealed himself to me, and the next morning, wasting no time at all, I got baptized. The following few weeks were what challenged me. The first day of sophomore year I went to sit with the friends I had the previous year at lunch, but since I was a Christian there just so happened to be no more room. That night I applied to be a student leader for the high school ministry at my church, and that’s where my walk with The Lord became real.

Current day: looking back at all of my struggles and challenges I can see what the Lord has brought me through and it is so amazing. Even when I didn’t know Him, He was there. God has done more through my trials than any other season of my life. I am now a sophomore in college, and let me tell you what, the enemy does not like when he can’t win. I believe the bigger your destiny the bigger the enemies.  A few months ago I lost three very important people in my life. The first being a dating relationship, and within that same week my great-grandfather went to be with the Lord, and then one of my closest friends and I have gone separate ways. I can still remember the gut wrenching feeling I had sitting on the hospital floor a few days after going through a break-up. I remember asking God, “why”, and of course He didn’t make anything clear. Even though it doesn’t feel like God is talking to you about your problem doesn’t mean He isn’t working on an answer. It doesn’t matter how big you can believe He will, it matters how long you continue to believe. I believe that God will allow us to settle. Sometimes God has to take everything, or in my case, everyone for Him to be able to reveal the purpose He has for you.

God wants YOU to meet the YOU He’s called YOU to be. Oddly enough, I find peace in this season of loss, growth, and strength. From the things I’ve had to endure as a child until now, I know that there is a good reason we go through tough things. When you give God your full attention He will exceed your expectations. God didn’t forget about you, He’s just got too much in store for you. You have to be willing to surrender. God can’t work through you if you aren’t willing to give EVERYTHING to Him. Don’t let trials defeat you, saddle up and ride that bull. He will deliver you from all of the hurt. He has not forgotten about you!

God has reintroduced me to my deepest passions, dreams, and purpose. The season of struggle is meant to equip you for the next season of your life. Take your attention off of what you can’t have and put your focus on what HE has for you. This season of singleness, loss, and hurt is meant for the greater good. Seek wise counsel, and be your own best encourager.  Find rest in Him, lean on Him, and put your hope in Him. My successes are made from my struggles. Have hope, faith, and perseverance. God is a God of exits, and if He needs to part the Red Sea to make things happen in your life, He will part it.


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