Winter Fashion Tips

Fashion has always been a foreign subject to me, I’ve never been “good” at fashion, I guess you could say. At least that’s what I thought, little did I know I just hadn’t found a sense of style yet, my sense of style. Finding your own style, I feel, is very important. I never thought I was “good” at putting outfits together because I didn’t like what all the other girls liked. I’ve never been too keen for dresses, skirts, lace, tool, etc. I was never into that.

Finding my style was hard, let me tell you, there were tons of trial and error outfits and just plain train wrecks. After tons of trial, error and research of what I was really looking for, I finally started to build my wardrobe. I’ve turned to this sort of edgy rocker style, that I absolutely love. I’m a very quiet and reserved person, so being able to express my fierce side is important to me, I do that through clothing.


This is my take on fall/winter fashion Florida style! I love taking gray and tan and mixing them, they play together well, also with subtle hints of white, this combination is my “go to” during the winter.

Tip: When buying a corduroy jacket, I suggest buying one that doesn’t have any sort of silky inside because that results in you putting on your jacket and wanting to take it off again because of how cold it is inside. Buy one that has a fabric inner coating, you’ll be all around warmer and happier.


Adding a big hat or even just a simple beanie is always a good idea, plus it gives you an edgy vibe. You can always switch this beanie out for a more feminine hat if you’d like, it’s all about recreating an outfit into your personal style, so wear whatever hat you want!

Tip: Invest in four or five different styles of hats that look good on you, that way you’ll be covered for every occasion. I personally love baseball hats, they’re my favorite style and there are so many kinds and colors. It’s all about personal style and preference.


Note how I put the same exact shirt on the model that I used in the last outfit, that’s because unfortunately us ladies don’t have a never-ending closet, and that’s okay! Wear the same article of clothing twice heck wear it three times if you like it that much! Mix and match!

Tip: You don’t have to go super crazy with colors during the winter time. I feel like it’s the time to lay low and just wear neutrals. Layering black on gray and then throwing in a small amount of color via accessories or even a colored skirt or pant will be perfect! This is where your personal style comes in.


This jacket is the single most important article of clothing in my whole wardrobe. I love playing with leather fabric, it gives me the sort of edge I look for when putting together outfits. I love this jacket so much! It keeps me warm and is the perfect fit!

Tip: When in doubt just buy black! If you’re not sure if that brown or gray leather jacket would go with any of your current clothes that are in your wardrobe play it safe and just buy black! Black looks great on everyone!


Again, don’t forget to lay around with the neutral color palette.

Tip: Invest in pants and jeans you know you will be at least 90% comfortable in! It makes no sense to buy a pair of jeans that are way too tight that you feel like you have to be surgically removed from them! Experiment and see which brand you look and feel good in.

It all boils down to wearing what you like, wearing your style is way easier than wearing someone else’s style. It’s very important to realize that you have complete and total freedom when it comes to clothing, you can wear whatever you like! As long as you feel confident, you’ll radiate happiness and people will want to be around you!!

Your fashion, your rules.


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