Welcome! {Instagram Giveaway Winners!}

Welcome to our new website! This is where you can find all things Hashtag Encourage, we are so glad you checked out our website! On this website, you can find blog posts (we post on Monday, Wednesday & Friday), testimonies, our photography and more!

Make sure that you are following along with us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for updates on events, giveaways, and most importantly; daily encouragement!

On the #Encourage Blog, you can find posts about worship, beauty, devotionals, fashion, photography, friendship and so much more! If you have any topics that you want see on the blog, please leave a comment to let us know! This is your brand, so we want to cater to every girl’s feedback! We want this to be for everyone, an encouragement and an inspiration to collaborate and be creative!

Here at #Encourage, we love to be transparent; on the Testimonies page, you can find stories from girls that have gone through the same struggles as you! We’re all in this together! (*cues high school musical song*) In all seriousness, we pray that these stories will inspire you to share yours, you never know how many people’s lives you can change from one short testimony. You may think your story is the “same ole same”, but God can use it in mighty ways to impact others that read or hear about it.

Our photography is a big part of #Encourage, we love getting together with lovely ladies to capture their beauty & document their journey! If you are local (Tampa area) and would like to be apart of our model team, please submit a contact form with the subject as “#Encourage Model,” and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Another thing that we love to do is have giveaways, we love being able to partner with small businesses to host fun & interactive giveaways! We started a few giveaways in December on Instagram, in celebration of our blog launch!

Our giveaways included beautiful wood signs from Red Root Factory, The Voyage Co & Live Live Lettered! A big thank you goes to all of the businesses that partnered with us to make these giveaway happen! We couldn’t do it without you!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the winners!


The winner of the “It Is Well” sign from Red Root Factory is @katyapledger2000 on Instagram! Congratulations! 15590884_1780598062201133_2516685019154419203_o

The winner of the “Love” sign from The Voyage Co is @nani_x22 on Instagram! Congratulations!


The winner of the “Proverbs 21:35” sign from Live Life Lettered is @angelicaostrander10 on Instagram! Congratulations!

If you are one of the winners, make sure to send us an email (hashtagencourage@gmail.com) with your name, home address & phone number to claim your prize! Congratulations and thank you to everyone that entered to make these giveaways such a big hit! Keep an eye out for any other giveaways we will be hosting in the future!


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